Chloe Lear

Chloe Lear

Reading has and will be one of my favorite past times. I love curling up in a chair or my bedroom nook and enjoying a good page turner. With my travel being limited because of COVID, books are the next best thing when it comes to getting away and getting lost. Especially if it's in the pages of a good novel. 

Check out some of the books that have been keeping me enthralled below and share some books that you've been reading these past few months.


I'm a huge fan of K-Beauty and love everything about the culture, especially sheet masks. So when I was given the opportunity to work with a K-Beauty company, I jumped at the chance. 

Facetory is a K-Beauty company who's philosophy is to create products that are approachable, affordable, and functional. Their approach to skincare is one of simplicity and they want to help people who are overwhelmed and exhausted of all the beauty products on the market. Sounds like a win-win for me.

Pictured above is this month's spread from Facetory and if you're a k-beauty and sheet mask junkie like myself, click here to order with Facetory and receive a discount at checkout.

I’m what some would call a “sneaker head”. Growing up, I was always fascinated with sneaker culture and wanted to have the flyest and dopest footwear on the market.

Fast forward to present-day and this obsession with sneakers has yet to subside. I’m a tomboy, chic fashionista who loves a great pair of kicks. The brighter the better and I rarely, if ever, pay full price. (I can still fit kid sizes and can usually snag my sneakers for a deal.)

Check out some of my favorite sneakers to rock this fall above and stay tuned for fall footwear: boot edition. 

Since cutting off all my hair, I sometimes get bored with my lack of options. But that’s nothing a wig can’t fix.

I started wearing wigs a few years ago as a protective style during the fall/winter months in New York City. Now that I live in Texas and I’ve kissed winter goodbye, wigs are a quick and easy way to elevate my look or just have fun with some hair.

Let me know if you’ve ever worn a wig or if you’d every consider wearing one as a fun, simple way to switch up your look and keep scrolling to check out my Indigo wig in full effect.

Another month brings another episode of Trash Talk. I decided to combine August & September in order to have a fuller spread for you guys, but I really didn’t blow through too many products the past few months. 

Let me know if you guys have tried any of the products above or if they’ve been on your wish list. And stay tuned for next month’s episode of Trash Talk. 

I’m all about self-care, especially when it includes skincare. I work full-time as a fashion merchandiser, part-time as a skincare consultant, I’m an influencer and I also run my own blog. My schedule is pretty packed.

With that being said, I still make self-care a priority for my mental and physical wellness. 

The current climate of the world is filled with such stress and uncertainty. Whether it’s the job market or who’s going to become the president of the United States, we’ve got a lot going on.

I make it my business that no matter what the week or day brings, I always try to take some time to practice some form of self-care. Now while this may look and sound different for everyone, skincare is a huge form of self-care for me: specifically masking.

I mask 2-3 times a week and it’s my me time to decompress and rinse off the day. Not to mention it helps keep my skin glowing year round.

Let me know what self-care looks like for you and how you plan on incorporating more me time into your life.

Since living in Houston, I’ve become a huge outdoors person. Besides the beautiful weather, the landscape and scenery here in the south is nothing short of breathtaking.

While I must admit, COVID did play a huge part in me moving my workouts to the outdoors. However, with gyms welcoming members back, I’ve still decided to keep my fitness routine to outside. Here’s why:

Being able to get fresh air without having to wear a mask is like gold. I spend the bulk of my day wearing a mask and working out outside offers me the opportunity to ditch the mask and just breathe.

Plus, I’m not all the way comfortable with attending public places just yet and a gym is one of them. While I don’t judge anyone who’s using a gym to keep in shape, right now it’s just not for me.

And lastly, I don’t want to tack on another bill right now. Attending my fitness studio was amazing, but with the uncertainty of the job market, I’d rather save and prepare for a rainy day. So if I can workout and get the same results or better at home, then I’ll just skip the gym for now.

How’ve you been keeping in shape and active these past few months? I’m dying to here of any new classes or forms of fitness my readers have taken up since quarantine.

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