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Saturday, October 19, 2019

In My Opinion: AprilSkin Real Calendula Peeling Pad

Do you switch out your skincare products with the seasons? I do. Fall weather leaves my combination skin more normal/dry (except in my T-zone) and I tend to reach for more hydrating formulas.
That’s why I couldn’t be happier to have received the Real Calendula Peeling Pad from AprilSkin for review.
This pad boasts key ingredients of over 75% calendula water as well as salicylic acid, sodium hyaluronate, centella asiatica extract and licorice root, making this the perfect product for fall when my skin needs hydration.
Calendula, (the key ingredient), also called marigold, is known for it’s anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and soothing benefits. Those who have sensitive skin as well as men who need soothing for their skin post-shave would definitely be able to add this product to their stash. 
The texture of this pad reminds me a lot of the acne peel pads from Peter Thomas Roth. They’re dual-sided with one side being embossed for light exfoliation, while the other side it smooth. 
AprilSkin, like a lot of k-beauty products, takes a more moisturizing and soothing method when it comes to their ingredients. And after using this pad for a few weeks, my skin is in love. 
At $24 for 60 pads, I’d say AprilSkin Real Calendula Peeling Pads were a steal. The product comes soaked in the treatment and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and ready for the next steps of my skincare routine. 

Let me know if you’ve tried this product or one similar and what are your thoughts on chemical exfoliation pads? Also, if there’s a product you’d like me to review, leave a comment below. 

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