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Saturday, November 30, 2019

2019 Black Friday Buys

The day after Thanksgiving will forever be marked as one of the best shopping days of the year. Companies and brands, big and small, offer some of the biggest deals of the year on a huge selection of products. What does this mean for consumers like you and I?

We get to shop in store or from the comfort of our homes on some of our favorite products without breaking the bank. With my recent move from NYC to Houston, I decided to go easy on the shopping and I only picked up a few things this year. Keep reading for my Black Friday buys.

The first thing I purchased I was a planner. I plan everything, from meals to my vacations and even a few errands. I haven’t had a planner in over a year and to be honest, I missed having a notebook for my daily, weekly and monthly goals. Insert The Happy Planner. As a new content creator/influencer, this planner came just in time. I can now plan out my months and break down any goals into small steps of various proportions. Not to mention I get to add stickers, highlighters and pretty handwriting. The Happy Planner will definitely keep me honest and accountable plus I couldn’t pass up on this massive deal. I got the mystery bag bundle for less the $50.

Photo Credit: @planningwithbumble

If I could kiss the creator behind Replica Surfaces I would. Mandy’s idea of rigid, stain-resistant, lightweight surfaces to up your photo game was genius. I finally mastered the flatlay, no easy fete, but I was still missing something in my photos. I happened upon Mandy’s business by pure luck and couldn’t wait for the Black Friday sale. She even DM’d me once the sale started to make sure I didn’t miss out on this amazing tool for building my brand. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure and with three surfaces, (white marble, subway tile and rose marble), I can’t wait to start creating. 

Photo Credit: @replicasurfaces

I’ve been trying to minimize my carbon footprint. (Sustainable post coming soon) Since I tend to navigate towards makeup wipes, I wanted to try some makeup removing cloths instead that were reusable and machine washable. Face Halo had an amazing sale, (I got the BFF Pro Bundle for 30% off), and since I already have some products from Makeup Eraser for applying toner, I decided to buy a bundle from the Face Halo. I still own and use makeup wipes but, I’m making the transition little by little to limit my use. 

Photo Credit @facehalo

As a beauty blogger, my vanity and closet are filled with the best of what the beauty world has to offer. Upon an inventory of my beauty items after I moved, I realized I was quite low on lotions, oils and body butters. Elle Vie Shea Body Butter to the rescue. I’ve purchased from this brand before, and I was IN LOVE! The consistency and quality was everything and to have a body oil to match the butters was kismet. I couldn’t have been happier, which I why I returned and added some products to my beauty stash. My favorite scents are Date Night and Social Butterly. 

Photo Credit: @elleviebody

The holiday season is all about family and coming together, but Black Friday is about shopping until you drop, or your card gets declined. Lol.

I snagged some major deals and may still keep shopping if something catches my eye. With all of the needs out of the way, I can now focus on a couple of wants and feed my inner beauty product junkie.

What was on your list for Black Friday and how did you make out thus far?

Also, don’t forget about small business Saturday and Cyber Monday, which are great times to buy for yourself or others this holiday season. 


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Home By The Sea: Hampton University Homecoming 2019

I haven’t been to my Alma Mater in over 10 years. Between working and traveling to Pinterest inspired vacation destinations, I just didn’t have the time. To top it off, it seemed quite unnecessary to visit a community that now seemed foreign to me. 
What could I possibly hope to gain from attending homecoming at Hampton University, my Home By the Sea? 

Little did I know that an impromptu text message from my friend to attend homecoming this year would create such fond memories of my favorite girl’s trip to date.

It’s funny how you forget the importance of college after you’ve graduated. You’re in the big leagues now and your day to day no longer consists of classes, the student center, exams, frat parties and tons of free time. 

You’re working a 9-5, you have a boss, you’re paying bills, there’s no spring or winter break and you can’t just not go to work because you were out partying the night before without calling in. This is adulting.

However, before I became a full blown adult, I was a Hamptonian. I met some of the most amazing people here and made best friends that are like sisters to me. I was a young adult that had to fend for myself and make smart choices because I was on scholarship. 

I laughed, I cried, I partied and I slept while living and loving all that college had to offer. 

Being able to attend homecoming spur of the moment with sisters who helped make four years away from family feel like home was more than I could have asked or hoped for. This trip was full of laughter, singing, dancing, fellowship and tons of memories. 

The pictures you see in this post don’t even compare to the good times had while on this mini vacation. I was so happy to have been able to attend homecoming this year and though spontaneity isn’t really my thing, I’m embracing going with the flow in this thing called life and just living in the moment. 

Did you attend your Alma Maters homecoming this year? And if so share your thoughts below. 

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