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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Girls Trip September 2019: Houston, Texas

I’m always down for a vacation, especially a girls trip. With everyone adulting and having their own lifestyles to maintain, trips like this are few and far between. But when we all get together it’s pure magic.

I love Houston. And before I moved here in November (blog post coming soon) I would visit at least once a year. Between the weather and food, it’s always a great time, so when I found a round trip ticket for less than $150, I jumped on the chance to buy.

A September girls trip was well on the way and it would be one for the books.

My friends and I enjoyed great food, drinks and tons of walks down memory lane. As a frequent visitor of Houston, I was ecstatic to enjoy a much needed vacation with some of my favorite people. Not to mention the opportunity to create stories and snap pictures that I’d look back on years to come.

This vacation was everything that I could have hoped for and with girls trips becoming less frequent, it makes them even more special. Traveling is such a necessity but when best friends are involved it makes the destinations all the more sweeter.

Check out pictures of my trip below and stay tuned for more girls trips!


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