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Sunday, January 26, 2020

My Houston Fitness Journey

I started working out while in college as to not become a statistic of the freshman 15. Though I’ve always had a pretty nice shape, compliments of a fast metabolism and high school extra-curricular activities, I wanted more. I practiced yoga while away at school and it became my first fitness love. Fast forward to present day and my recent move across the country, I decided to keep my first love of yoga but also branch out and try alternative methods of exercise. Introducing Inner Me Studios.

One of my best friends is a dance teacher and having just moved to Houston from New York, she stressed to me the importance of finding a good gym/studio so as not to erase all the progress I’d made while living up north. Since I was used to a lot more walking living in the city, I’d have to alter my fitness routines in order to offset all the sitting and driving I was doing. Christa bought me a two-week fitness pass to Inner Me and the rest was history. I had a whole new level of love and appreciation for fitness.

Inner Me is a studio based in Houston that offers a variety of fitness classes. These classes range from yoga, hip hop dance, spinning, step aerobics, pole dancing as well as a variety of specialty classes taught by some of Houston’s most renowned instructors. Since becoming a member last month, I’ve tried Azz + Abz + Armz, Stiletto Fit, Hot Pursuit, Hip Hop Dance, Piyolet and my favorite, Pole Dancing. I’m obsessed with this place!

Inner me helped me shed over six pounds of extra weight I’d gain while packing up my life and heading southwest, not to mention an overall change in my lifestyle and fitness habits. This studio holds you accountable and I’ve made several workout buddies that notice my absence and push me to the next level.

If you’re in the Houston area and you’re on the market for a new gym or studio, I’d highly recommend Inner Me. Packages are pretty reasonable and classes are spread throughout the week to accommodate a multitude of schedules. They even offer child care while you exercise. Click here to check out their website and keep scrolling for a few videos of my Houston fitness journey with Inner Me Studios. 


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