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Monday, March 23, 2020

Maintaining a Routine on Self-Quarantine

With everyone stuck in the house or having limited exposure to people during the Corona pandemic, most of our daily routines have been thrown out of the window and replaced with little to no variation that is comparable. I too have fallen off the wagon with regards to my usual routine but there’s nothing usual about our current state of affairs, which means we have to get creative. Here’s what I’ve been doing to maintain some since of normalcy amidst the chaos:

1. I cracked open my planner and began planning out my week. Since I’m off work, I no longer have a set schedule, but I decided to create one around errands, projects and my work out routines to give myself some semblance of day-to-day expectations.

2. I scheduled my workouts and runs for the week. Having a plan of when and what I’m doing for fitness was my norm before Corona and there was no reason I couldn’t maintain that. Thanks to my fitness studio offering online classes, I was able to schedule a few of my favorite workouts via livestream.

3. I began to create content. I’m a visual merchandiser and beauty consultant, so while I’m home bound I decided to create more content on my social media platforms. Whether it’s blog posts, Instagram challenges, YouTube videos, takeovers or going live, I wanted to explore the freedom of creation while I have the time and can build a solid routine and following. 

4. I started meditation and bible study. Mediation and bible study go hand in hand for me. I now start my mornings with the word of God and then meditate on his promises and what I want my day to look like. It helps me get centered and creates a bubble of peace that keeps me grounded when I feel like I’m being tested or I’m frustrated. 

5. I journal. I’m a journalism major and this pandemic has forced me to get back my writing mojo. I’m not saying you have to turn yourself into the next J.K. Rowling but writing can be very therapeutic and reflective during this time of isolation. 

6. I find projects to do around the house. If you’re a busy body and have a hard time staying still, find things to do around the house or virtually. You can volunteer for a number of organizations or do things around the house. The possibilities are endless.

7. I allowed myself free time. Since I’m not on such a stringent schedule I can flex and work or chill as much or as little as I want. But for those of you still working from home, make sure to give yourself play time. And while that can look different for everyone, make time for your hobbies or passions. For me, I’ve been reading books, listening to music and have even taken up gardening.

The Corona pandemic is unchartered territory for us all and it’s going to take a lot of creativity to get through these tough times, especially if we’re in solitude solo. Stay strong, stay safe and stay blessed. 

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