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Monday, September 14, 2020

Two Sisters & A Toddler: A Weekend With Family

This past weekend, my sister and niece visited me for the first time in Houston, Texas. While I had planned to travel back home numerous times, the global pandemic known as COVID had other plans and I’ve had to cancel several trips.

Since I haven’t seen any of my family since my move last November from New York to the South West, this was a much welcomed trip, especially since this was my niece’s first time on a plane. 

With the current climate of the world, I cherish every moment spent with family. Memories have become sacred to me and as I continue my trips around the sun, I look forward to enjoying even more. 

Check out a few photos of me and my loved ones and be sure to follow me on Instagram for some cute reels of me and my niece Lola. 


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