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Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Benefits of Working Out Outside

Since living in Houston, I’ve become a huge outdoors person. Besides the beautiful weather, the landscape and scenery here in the south is nothing short of breathtaking.

While I must admit, COVID did play a huge part in me moving my workouts to the outdoors. However, with gyms welcoming members back, I’ve still decided to keep my fitness routine to outside. Here’s why:

Being able to get fresh air without having to wear a mask is like gold. I spend the bulk of my day wearing a mask and working out outside offers me the opportunity to ditch the mask and just breathe.

Plus, I’m not all the way comfortable with attending public places just yet and a gym is one of them. While I don’t judge anyone who’s using a gym to keep in shape, right now it’s just not for me.

And lastly, I don’t want to tack on another bill right now. Attending my fitness studio was amazing, but with the uncertainty of the job market, I’d rather save and prepare for a rainy day. So if I can workout and get the same results or better at home, then I’ll just skip the gym for now.

How’ve you been keeping in shape and active these past few months? I’m dying to here of any new classes or forms of fitness my readers have taken up since quarantine.


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